World of Tanks Blitz

Wargaming talks World of Tanks Blitz launch

Support for controllers added, and they're "thinking about" World of Warplanes Blitz as well.

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Gamereactor Spain's David Caballero sits with product specialist Michael Broek in a military half-track during a recent Wargaming event in Paris to discuss imminent World of Tanks adaptation to tablets: development, features, handling and differences compared to the PC version.


General description and how it compares to the original PC game:

"Basically it's a light version of World of Tanks PC Version, for you have the same mechanics, the same tanks... but you can play very comfortable from the sofa, from the plane, from the bus or wherever you are".

"Graphics obviously are very, very nice, but we had to take some rendering away, so that it's fluent on every tablet. Also, the structure and hit points on a tank -you normally have weak spots and then other stuff- are less complicated than on the PC version, son it needs less core power to calculate all the maths behind it... But when you play three or four rounds, you will feel it's immersive like the PC version and you get easily into it".


"It's our first big-scale game on a mobile device and it's very challenging for our developers, but the good thing is World of Tanks is an already successful game so we don't have to develop a whole new game; we just make sure that it works properly on a mobile device".

The imminent launch and free-to-play model:

"Once we're completely done with this feedback [from current closed beta] and we see we have a version we can launch, there might be a soft launch before as it's quite usual on mobile devices -I cannot tell you what kind of way we're going- but there will be a big global release at the end, that's for sure".

"My current understanding is that it will be completely free-to-play like World of Tanks for PC, so you download the game, you start the game, you play the game, and if you like to invest money because you like the game, you can do it. If not, you can still continue playing and playing and you don't have any disadvantage: you have the same content available, the same tanks available".

Other facts brough up during the interview include:

- It will support gamepad ("this came up during our close beta test")
- Mobile team is also in Minsk - "they're sitting next to the PC developers", they share resources and knowledge.
- Digital card game World of Tanks Generals didn't become a part of this, it's still a separate game which is still far away
- They're thinking about World of Warplanes Blitz as well
- There's off-screen gameplay in the clip, so you can see how the game is controlled with an iPad.

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