Warner's E3 2020 press briefing featured a new Batman and more

With the show now cancelled, are they going the Nintendo Direct way perhaps?

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While some companies (such as Sony or Nintendo) have ditched the shows altogether or prefer to stream pre-recorded presentations, Warner Bros. Interactive was going to hold its very first E3 press conference this year, but alas, the show just was cancelled over concerns surrounding Coronavirus.

With ESA's move being now official, several sources have now moved to confirm WBI's original intentions. Renowned journalist Jason Schreier tweets that the press show was meant "to talk about Batman, Harry Potter, and Rocksteady's game among others", and Gamereactor had heard the very same regarding the next-gen Batman game and the previously-leaked Harry Potter title.

Now, with a big showcase already in the works, the publisher might very well opt for an online presentation such as Nintendo's Direct or Microsoft's Inside Xbox, so it's more a matter of "how" (either standalone or perhaps they're considering joining the official E3 channel as it's being reimagined as an online show) rather than "if" Warner will have announcements to make in mid-June.

So, what do you expect from the Batman reboot, Harry Potter, Rocksteady's new project, Injustice 3, and any other Warner Bros. IPs?

Warner's E3 2020 press briefing featured a new Batman and more

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