Warren Spector and Harvey Smith give 10th Fun & Serious an immersive sim flavour

The festival/conference, which will be held online for the first time in a decade, will host talks by two of the genre's precursors.

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Warren Spector and Harvey Smith will join the likes of Marc Merrill and Tim Willits as the Fun & Serious Game Festival list of speakers keeps growing, with the celebration of the event edging closer, set for December 10-12. This year and for the first time in a decade the prestigious conference will drop the physical consumer part all together, with the in-person panels usually in Bilbao, now set to be held digitally given the current pandemic circumstances. Gamereactor will again offer a dedicated special coverage.

With Merril and (a returning) Willits representing Riot Games and Saber Interactive respectively, it'll be interesting to see Spector and Smith, two of the main precursors of the immersive sym genre, talk about past, present, and future. While Deus Ex and System Shock are their obvious tangent points, both recent and potential moves by OtherSide Entertainment and Arkane Studios will have genre fans looking forward to their respective talks for sure as we enter a new generation of games.

Is it time for System Shock 3 to break through? For Dishonored 3 to be revealed? Leave a comment below.

Warren Spector and Harvey Smith give 10th Fun & Serious an immersive sim flavour

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