Washington Justice is the last OWL expansion brand

Get ready for the red, white, and blue.

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We just got word of the Vancouver Titans branding for the second season of the Overwatch League recently, and now Washington has become the final team to show their brand off, as they are the Washington Justice.

As you might have expected from the US capital, the colours are red, white, and blue, and the crest is a shield. What might be of more interest though is management and coaching staff, which includes the following:

  • Kate Mitchell, Assistant General Manager of Washington Esports Ventures

  • Hyeong-seok 'WizardHyeong' Kim, Head Coach

  • Kyoung Ey Molly 'AVALLA' Kim, Assistant Coach

  • Mark 'Obasill' Regush

  • Aaron Heckman

  • Mikael 'mkL' Skjønhaug

  • Canaan 'Shrugger' Carman

We don't know the roster of players just yet, but here's what team owner Mark Ein has to say about the Justice:

"We welcome both the hundreds of thousands of passionate Overwatch fans and amateur players already in our region, as well as our new fans who want to experience the exciting future of professional esports competition for themselves. We hope you'll join us as we represent this region in the awesome, fast-paced competition of the Overwatch League."

How do you like the branding?

Photo: Overwatch League

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