Washington Justice parts company with Fahzix

The support player will be looking for new opportunities as the 2019 Overwatch League season begins to wrap-up.

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Like a phoenix from the ashes, the Washington Justice has risen to become a formidable team in Stage Four of the 2019 Overwatch League season. We've seen some incredible play from a team that before their six-game winning streak had a 1-19 record however, the success has not been without its victims.

Riley "Fahzix" Taylor, a support player picked up as the team was initially building its roster back in December 2018, has been released from the team indefinitely. Boasting a respectable career on successful rosters as NRG Esports and Envision Esports, Fahzix held his place on the main team until he was replaced by Hong "Ark" Yeon-jun at the end of Stage One in a trade with the New York Excelsior.

The release of Fahzix was initially announced in a Twitter post on the organisation's account stating, "We thank him [Fahzix] for his positive presence, dedication and hard work, and wish him great success with all his future endeavours."

It's not a huge surprise that we've seen the Justice make this decision since Fahzix hasn't seen playtime on the Overwatch League stage in a while now. On top of this, he announced back in April that he was heading home to Pennsylvania, where he was "excited to take streaming a little more seriously."

Whatever the case, the Justice will likely be looking for someone else to take Fahzix's spot on the roster and provide healthy internal competition for Ark.

Do you think we'll see Fahzix back on the Overwatch League main stage?


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