Wasteland Remastered

Wasteland Remastered is landing on February 25

The RPG returns next month for PC and Xbox One, although we may see it elsewhere in time.

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The official Twitter account for the Wasteland series has revealed that we can expect Wasteland Remastered on February 25, as that's when it's landing on PC and Xbox One.

On PC players can access it via the Windows Store, Steam, and GOG, while Xbox One owners can jump in with Xbox Game Pass too, so there are plenty of ways to play.

When asked about a Nintendo Switch version, the Twitter account responded that the main focus is on these two platforms for now, but quoted Justin Bieber when saying "never say never".

Back in November we got some pre-alpha comparison shots to look at as well, showing the progress made with this version.

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Wasteland Remastered

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