Watch A New Hero, Blizzard's esports documentary

The publisher explores pro competitive gaming with a new video focused on its MOBA.

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Blizzard has been trying to expand its already solid position in the esports field, as shown for instance by the impressive tournaments that gather thousands of people every year. Now, on the occasion of the latest Heroes of the Dorm, the most important competition for its crossover Heroes of the Storm held in Seattle, the publisher has premiered a video documentary called A New Hero.

By the title of A New Hero, the clip shows teams taking part and how the championship unfolded. "The all-out effort to stage a national tournament for Blizzard Entertainment's Heroes of the Storm is only exceeded by the passion and perseverance of the competitors who know the future of esports is already in their hands", underlines the company. The one-hour video shows a new POV on all things related to grand competitions and their protagonists.

A New Hero adds commentary from the well-known businessman Marc Cuban, NBA champion Rick Fox and baseball player Hunter Pence, hence gathering together thoughts from both traditional and electronic sports personalities. You can watch the full documentary on YouTube. Which do you think is Blizzard's strongest esports game?


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