Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Watch Gamereactor's FFVII PS4 vs PSX face-off

We compare the classic to the game that is about to release on PlayStation 4 with modern visuals.

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Nostalgia goggles often make us remember games slightly differently to what they really looked like, just because we loved them back in the day, or perhaps because, back then, those graphics really were something else. But with remakes as impressive as last year's Resident Evil 2 or the upcoming Final Fantasy VII: Remake, the changes are way more obvious and radical, to the point that some designs and scenarios won't ever be the same.

So, how has Final Fantasy 7 changed 23 years after the original release? Our own Juan A. Fonseca has been replaying the classic RPG recently, and here is how a few iconic sequences and low-poly characters compare to the spectacular reimagining on PS4:

Final Fantasy VII: Remake

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