The Ship: Remasted

Watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battle in The Ship

Remasted title just got some political heavyweights.

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The Ship: Remasted is a multiplayer game where you hunt other players amongst NPCs on a ship, plain and simple. Developer Blazing Griffin recently put out a new free update called World Leaders in which you get to play as people like Thatcher, Castro, Blair and Bush but also, and maybe more importantly today, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The Ship: Remasted is on sale on Steam right now, so if you buy it before the 4th of July you'll get it for £5.09 / €6.79. Blazing Griffin also announced that everyone who buys or owns The Ship: Remasted will get a copy of The Ship: Murder Party for free.

Below you can watch the World Leaders trailer and see some screens.

The Ship: Remasted
The Ship: RemastedThe Ship: Remasted
The Ship: RemastedThe Ship: Remasted

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