Watch Macaulay Culkin play the Home Alone games

The star comes dressed as a pizza delivery guy to play the obscure tie-in games covering many platforms.

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You might not know this, but there exists a whole bunch of games based on the film Home Alone from 1990, and you'll find them on all sorts of platforms, ranging from the Sega Genesis to PlayStation 2.

They weren't that great (although some of them did include ghosts), but who better to play them than the star of the films Macaulay Culkin, who actually appeared on the latest episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd with James Rolfe.

The actor even comes dressed as the pizza delivery boy from the first film. Culkin is a self-professed pizza enthusiast and even plys in a band called The Pizza Underground, which is a Velvet Underground cover band, naturally.

You can see the episode here, if you want to get into the festive spirit before watching the film.

Have you played any of these?

Watch Macaulay Culkin play the Home Alone games

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