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Watch our HoloLens 2 demo and first impressions

This is how Microsoft was demoing the newest iteration of the cutting-edge tech in Barcelona.

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While we got to interview project manager Charlie Han at MWC19, we also got the chance to go hands-on (and heads-in) with the just-unveiled HoloLens 2.

Microsoft's latest foray into mixed reality was available to select press via different software demos developed by professional partners, and as the word on the street was that Betley Systems' offering was the most complete, that's the one we decided to try out.

In the video below, following the mandatory eye-tracking and hands-movement calibration, and after an introduction by Bentley's technical architect Greg Demchak, we captured our live-commented preview session (during which we offer a full recap with fresh thoughts around the six-minute mark).

There's talk about how construction companies can use Bentley's 3D software to bring their .cad models to life via HoloLens 2, both in table-scale or life-size. The demo we tried was the former, allowing up to 10 people to work on the model in a sort of multiplayer mode.

At the end of the video we also share our thoughts on things such as resolution and colouring, the unit's lightness and its hefty, pro-only $3,500 price-point. Of course, we also dream about gaming.

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