Watch our PES 2019 vs FIFA 19 4K graphics comparison

The two footie giants go head to head in our exclusive video.

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Both Konami and EA strive each season to improve the visual side of their respective football video games. Both offer detailed 3D player models and stadiums, photo-realistic lighting and Ultra-HD 4K output, but their followers will apparently never come to an agreement as to which is the best-looking game.

To make it a bit easier for you this year we've captured both titles in similar conditions, running at native 2160p resolution and with the very same teams, stadium and during the same time of the day: it's Schalke 04 vs Mónaco at the Veltins Arena, in the afternoon.

You can see our full video face-off below. You have both the original 4K version and the downscaled full-HD clip (in case your device can't handle the huge vid), and the same applies to the source gameplay material we used for the comparison. What's your choice this year?

FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer (4K native)

FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer (scaled 1080p)

PES Gameplay Schalke vs Monaco

FIFA 19 Gameplay Schalke vs Monaco

NOTE: Both builds are close to final, with PES running on Xbox One X and FIFA running on PS4 Pro.

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