Watch the full Amy Hennig & Mark Cerny Gamelab panel

"A writer's path to becoming a Creative Director" is full of love for the medium, history, and anecdotes.

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PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny took part in two very unique conversations at Gamelab 2018. One was with Sony's Worldwide Studios President Shawn Layden, and that was all about the PlayStation Legacy. But the other one was as special, as Cerny and former Uncharted creative director and this year's recipient of the Honor Award Amy Hennig talked video games, careers, and life.

The full panel, hosted by VGA's Geoff Keighley, is now available in its entirety here at Gamereactor for you to watch:

The one-hour conversation kicks off with both recalling how their love to videogames sparked back then when this form of entertainment wasn't even a thing. They look back at the beginnings of the industry, and, as "we've known each other for more than 20 years", as Hennig points out, they also review the roots of their respective careers. "We're both 53, and I'm five days older", admits Hennig. "But Mark graduated before I got there (...) He's a genius".

The conversation touched on creating tools for the very first video games, and about walking the path from filmmaking to video game creation. Besides, there's also a bunch of fun anecdotes and, of course, several dev stories from the Uncharted trilogy, including specific scenes where more action was required and, according to Hennig, "completely changed the tone of scene (...) oh well gameplay's gotta win", or comments on very specific mechanics such as throwing back grenades.

Additionally, if you missed them, here are our one-on-one interviews with each of the speakers, addressing many other topics in detail:

Watch the full Amy Hennig & Mark Cerny Gamelab panel
Mark Cerny and Amy Hennig at Gamelab 2018 in Barcelona. // Photo: Gamelab

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