Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Watch the OnGear vs The Offic€rs highlights from our CS:GO league

The two teams fought it out on Inferno and Overpass, and here you can watch both maps to catch up with the action.

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Season 2 of our CS:GO competition at Gamereactor is ongoing, and while Season 3 signups are open right here, we still have action to see from this season, with two maps between The Offic€rs and OnGear (OG) from Division 4 to show you today.

OnGear took both maps on Inferno and Overpass, 16-9 and 16-10 respectively, and you can watch both of these maps in the videos below. If you're interested in the brackets you can also check those out as well for all divisions.

When looking at Division 1, DataspelHAHA is top with 12 points, with John Olsens Diciple having 11 points, PATA Esports having nine points, and emop and Full Kareta bot sitting on eight points.

Wildcard teams have a chance to qualify for the first division though, and in Division 7 Hermannit is currently eligible, while in Division 8 we have COWS-DK, Division 9 has 7-D, and Division 10 has Secret_NO.

Were OnGear on fire in these maps?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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