Beyond Good & Evil 2

Watch Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil 2 presentation

Ubisoft is finally ready to show off their highly anticipated game.

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When Ubisoft first re-revealed Beyond Good and Evil 2, we got a spectacular CG trailer, and the only thing that could get our hearts pumping even harder would be a gameplay presentation. Well, guess what Ubisoft just published.

That's right - they've just released the presentation they gave us during E3 to the public. Here, Michel Ancel shows us an in-engine demonstration while talking about what they hope to achieve in the game. It's finally clear why he had to wait for the technology to get where it is before making the highly anticipated sequel, as he talks about how we'll get to seamlessly travel between planets, that photography is still a big part of the game, customisable spaceships, meteorites dynamically changing a planet's surface, and so much more.

These are definitely some impressive plans and it would be incredible if even just most of these find their way to the final game. Don't you agree?

Beyond Good & Evil 2

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