Microsoft Flight Simulator

Watch us pilot Flight Simulator with the Airbus flight stick

We fly over Seville and Copenhagen with Thrustmaster's TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition.

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Flight Simulator flies high in terms of both the beauty of its graphics and the quality of its sim experience, as expressed in our review. The game took off on August 18 on capable gaming PC's, and it looks like it could be improved and expanded for years to come.

Here at Gamereactor, we got the chance to pilot the flying sim with a flight joystick, specifically the Thrustmaster Civil Aviation Sidestick Airbus Edition. In the below videos we fly over Seville (LEZL) and Copenhagen (CPH) to show you how Flight Simulator is controlled with this peripheral which, besides the Airbus-inspired design, naturally makes a huge difference even though we're not using a throttle quadrant nor a flying clamp.

Beyond the joystick itself and the aircraft of choice, which landmarks can you recognise from these cities?

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