Predator: Hunting Grounds

Watch us playing some Predator: Hunting Grounds

We check out both sides of the long-running battle between human and Predator.

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This weekend Illfonic's asymmetrical online multiplayer game, Predator: Hunting Grounds, had a trial weekend on PC and PS4, giving players the chance to either team up with others as part of a small team of soldiers, or go solo and play as a Predator and stalk their prey from the treetops.

Given our long-standing affection for the franchise, we didn't need a second invitation to check out the game, and we thought you might like to see it in action from both perspectives, especially if you didn't have a chance to play it yourself.

That being the case, we invite you to check out both gameplay clips below and let us know whether you'll be entering the Hunting Grounds when the game launches on both platforms on April 24.


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