Watch us switching suspended games in Xbox Series X in a matter of seconds

We go from Doom Eternal to Crash Bandicoot 4 in 7 seconds, from that to Tekken 7 in 6 seconds, and finally to Human: Fall Flat in 4 seconds.

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As explained in our Xbox Series X review, the Quick Resume feature has actually managed to surprise us during our testing period with the new hardware. Thanks to Xbox Velocity Architecture, the widened bandwidths and the access speed to modern SSD storage, the feature lets players quickly change between ongoing gaming sessions, and the ability to do so has proven to be a game changer in how we understand and approach those sessions from now on.

It works even if you switch the console off completely, and even though Microsoft admits there are a couple of bugs to iron out and a bunch of not supported games as of today, we've enjoyed choosing a handful of "currently playing titles" and switching between them whenever we feel like it.

In the example below we load the still-not-optimised-but-impressive-nonetheless Doom Eternal. First take a look at how it loads a saved game in less than five seconds. Done? Well, now see how we decided to switch to Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, a game in which you can die as many times, or more, as in id Software's shooter. It takes just 7 seconds to go from Exultia Mission to Tawna Bandicoot's level, and then as we reach a checkpoint (though this isn't required, mind you), we take 6 seconds to go to an already-started Arcade path in Tekken 7, a combat we left for later when it said "get ready for the next battle". With Feng KO'ed by our Panda, we then recalled we had just started the quirky and hilarious Human: Fall Flat, and it only took 4 seconds for it to Quick Resume on the system.

We can see ourselves continuously playing a couple of longer, open-world games and leaving them suspended when we're done or whenever we feel like playing some multiplayer, sports, or arcade bursts. How do you picture yourself using Xbox Series' Quick Resume?

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