Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Watch Yeet Esports take on Delta 7 in our CS:GO league

The two Division 4 teams played each other on Train and Cache, and Season 3 signups are open right now for those interested.

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Here at Gamereactor we're always working to provide you with highlights of our CS:GO league's second season, and while we have Yeet Esports vs Delta 7 up today, if you want to look ahead to getting involved in Season 3 you can do so by signing up right here.

Both of these teams come from Division 4, and Finnish team Yeet Esports drew with Delta 7 from Denmark. Delta 7 took the Train map 16-10, while Yeet fought back for a 16-11 win on Cache.

When looking at Division 1, teams here are fighting for places in the playoffs - two semi-finals and a final - and DataspelHAHA are currently in the top spot with 18 points, followed by Full Kareta with 14, PATA Esports with 12, and both John Olsens Diciple and emop on 11 points.

A wildcard will also guarantee promotion to Division 1 in the next season, and the first placed teams in the four lowest divisions will meet in a playoffs, consisting once again of two semi-finals and one final. The winner of the final will receive the wildcard. In Division 7 we have Hermannit on the top spot right now, with Kahvia Tänne in the same position in Division 8, KaPy7 in Division 9, and Secret_NO at Division 10.

For more on the brackets check out the full standings here. How did Yeet Esports and Delta 7 do?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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