Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We caught up with Full Kareta and DataspelHAHA after the finals of our CS:GO league

Both teams talked to us about their keys to success and how they prepared for the final, which took place last weekend.

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This past weekend saw the final of the second season of our CS:GO league take place here at Gamereactor, where Full Kareta grabbed the victory over their opponents DataspelHAHA in an epic showdown, and we've been catching up with both of our finalists to hear what they had to say.

"I'd say the toughest opponent in the league was DataspelHAHA. I think that's because both me and Vaskan have been playing in earlier, past teams with these guys, and we pretty much have the same play style, I imagine," Full Kareta's Twecy told us.

"Our key to success as a team has been focusing on communication, working as a team, and just gaming hard, so right now our main focus is to find a full working vibe again."

We also spoke with DataspelHAHA's captain Scruul about the competition, and about the preparation for the final, which he said was about "just practicing like normally. Our training has had its ups and downs."

"Our toughest opponent actually was Full Kareta, but we had two different players back then," Scruul said when talking about facing their final opponents earlier on in the league.

From 3:53:00 in the below video we also talk to both teams after the match, where we caught up with Full Kareta's bOTRAx, the MVP of the final.

"We have up and downs, but I feel this final was... we really needed that, so it was like every play gets some hype for the final. And we have met them before, so it was more confident, but strong," he told us.

After this we talked to Zenz from DataspelHAHA, and we particularly focused on the very close second map between the pair.

"We just tried to, like I said, do the best with the stand-in, and we just did what we have practiced and it just worked out," Zenz said, before we asked about the change in roster that DataspelHAHA had. "That was, I think, mid-season of this Gamereactor season, so maybe like one or maximum two months or something."

As for what the team could've done differently, Zenz said "on Nuke and on Train it's really hard. It's a very team-based map and when our IGL isn't there, he knows a bunch of smokes that we maybe don't know." If Zenz could have chosen another map to play, Mirage would have been ideal.

What did you think of the final?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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