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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We caught up with SJK's captain after their win in our CS:GO league

Lari Isohella explains why his team were successful, and what makes for a good captain in CS:GO.

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Season 3 of our CS:GO league wrapped up at the end of 2019, with the best in the competition facing off against each other in the grand final. It was an entertaining match between SJK Esports and Slackboys, but SJK emerged victorious, and we caught up with team captain Lari Isohella after the match to hear all about it.

What preparation went into the competition?

Nothing special to be honest. During the season we try to practice three to four times a week alongside official matches, which in a sense serves as a preparation for the matches as well. We had been playing together for five months so we had a pretty good idea of how we like to play.

How did you guys train?

Just a basic procedure I think, playing scrims and watching some demos. Taking it map by map, enhancing our defaults, executes, and especially communication.

How would you describe your chemistry and teamwork?

In general our teamwork is good and improves game by game, even though there is still a lot of room for improvement. On the other hand, Chemistry really isn't something you can practice. I believe it rather comes through playing together and I think we have found some, which is of course nice to see.

What makes your winning formula?

Mentality. Every one of us is willing to learn and become better players both as individuals and as team members. In addition, we don't quit even though some rounds or matches don't go our way.

How good is your communication?

We keep on improving our communication but at times we miss some crucial comms which may cost us. That is something we really try to work on.

What makes a good captain?

Ability and willingness to give players the space they need to make plays, but at the same time the capability to maintain structure. Outside of the server I think the captain should be respected to some extent and also contribute to the team atmosphere. In addition, the captain should have the courage to open discussion on all topics, including the ones that aren't necessary the lightest to address.

What did you have that other teams didn't?

I think we had a stronger map pool and we were better prepared than our opponents.

How long have you played together?

Five months or so.

How tough was the competition?

We thought it would be a bit tougher considering the prize pool and amount of teams in total including lower divisions. However, we were happy to face greater competition in the finals in form of Slackboys. We have played against them several times and I really think they can become a solid team.

Are you ready for more challenges?

That is a stupid question my friend. Of course we are.

So there you have it, the thoughts of a winner from our CS:GO league, and to get involved with Season 4 you can find signup links below!


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