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We check out CAT's anti-bacteria, WC-proof, night vision phones

And why do people keep dropping their phones down the toilet?

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At Gamereactor we always love to take a look at ground-breaking, useful or cool gadgets, and at MWC 2022 we stopped by CAT's booth to learn about their newer solutions for workers, including but not limited to super resistant rugged work phones.

In the video interview below, VP of product portfolio at Bullitt Group Pete Cunningham starts talking about the CAT S42 H+.


The H+ stands for "hygiene+" as, according to Cunningham, "we have integrated silver ions into all of the external components of the product, and what that does is it inhibits the growth of bacteria. So this is the world's first truly anti-bacteria smartphone". And as such, beyond medical environments, "there's more and more demand, and I think you will see this technology making its way to mainstream", he explains, as people normally don't know how dirty phones are, to the point of gathering "more germs than on your toilet".

Next we take a look at the CAT S62 Pro, which sports a "built-in FLIR imaging camera", specifically the Lepton 3.5 professional-grade sensor, which is "the highest-resolution thermal sensor that you can get in any product". Interestingly enough, besides electricians or plumbers, Cunningham sees great utility for even security guards at night, as "you can see in complete darkness".

After these two work phones we also take a look at the Motorola Defy, as CAT got the global Moto license for its rugged models, too their all-terrain expertise and put it into "a more lifestyle or consumer proposition (...) designed for everyday life". This is also useful considering how "too many people for some reason drop their phones down the toilet".

But what the Bullitt man was more excited about was the just-unveiled rugged CAT Q10 5G mobile Internet Hotspot, which to the manufacturer means "moving outside of phones" and as "the hotspot market is one that's very vibrant, growing nicely, there's not too many 5G hotspot products available, and as far as we can see none are rugged". The idea is to provide 5G connectivity wherever workers need it, but with the rugged finish for more extreme environments. It'll release in Q2-Q3 this year.

Have you ever considered CAT products for your everyday work or life needs?

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