We compare the Mega Drive Mini and Super Nintendo Mini

We also have a full video preview on Sega's upcoming mini console, which promises to bring back happy memories.

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The 16-bit era was as beautiful and colourful as it was hard-fought between the two main console manufacturers, these being Sega and Nintendo. As we know, many Gamereactor readers remember their early 1990s rivalry with fond nostalgia, and we wanted to reignite those memories by putting the two Mini versions of Mega Drive and Super NES head to head via the video below.

But before that, we also have a full Gamereactor video preview on the Sega Mega Drive Mini (Genesis Mini), as you can see below:

The Mega Drive Mini will release in Europe on October 4, after a slight delay from the original September 19 launch date.

Which was your favourite originally?

We compare the Mega Drive Mini and Super Nintendo Mini

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