PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

We explore PUBG's Sanhok for 30 mins

Take a look at some 1080p60 action.

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Our good friend "naked feet" MaxQ is one of those über-cautious players when it comes to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. You know the drill: land in an unpopulated area (but with the chance to find some nice loot), stock up your character to give them every chance of survival, and try to be the last man standing by combining patience and tactics.

And we're very cautious in three games on Sanhok, the new map which recently released on PUBG. The first clip is covered in fog, which makes for a game-changer. Then we explore other areas as we decide the best landing points. If you're checking out the map in the game, we explore through Tambang-Ruins & Pai Nan south-west, and then Camp Bravo around the east area. Our best result? Rank #9.

The three clips have been captured with the upcoming HP OMEN 15 2018 gaming laptop, which will release in August. Every graphics setting is on Ultra, and captured at 144Hz with G-Sync, but the gameplay you can see is 1080p60.

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