Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We have highlights from two matches of our CS:GO league

Finnish teams Kahvia Tänne and 100m lipputanko battled it out, while hold_hurting from Denmark faced IQUE.GG from Finland.

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Our CS:GO league here at Gamereactor is ongoing, and we're regularly bringing you highlights from the leagues to update you on what's going on, with this week being no different. Here we have four maps over two matches, and a lot of Finnish talent to see.

When IQUE.GG met hold_hurtig on Mirage, they managed to win 16-11, but on Nuke it was a different story entirely as hold_hurtig managed a comeback in overtime to get their own point after a tense 19-17 victory.

There was another all-Finnish battle, however, in which Kahvia Tänne won both maps on Mirage and Cache 16-7 and 16-9 respectively over 100m lipputanko, and you can see exactly how they did that in the videos below:

To check out all the brackets head this way, and those who want to get involved next season can do so by signing up here.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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