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We learned all about the HP OMEN X 2S and its dual screen

Imagine a Nintendo DS, but with the horsepower of a Ferrari and full-HD 144 Hz fidelity.

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HP is introducing a very unique feature with its OMEN X 2S gaming laptop, the '2S' being literally for "two screens".

The laptop itself is a high-end gaming computer with the latest Nvidia RTX and Intel i9 components (and up to 2 TB SSD & 32 GB RAM), a thin metal chassis, and an advanced thermal solution, but what of course strikes us as the most interesting feature is the dual-screen, as shown in the video below:

As HP's Kristian Sandor explains, the extended secondary screen is intended for playing and monitoring some features at the same time, be it having a mini-map, a performance mode selector, or perhaps other touch-enabled in-game options. HP is promoting it as "say goodbye to alt-tab", so most gamers can come up with whatever it is 'that' screen they always need to hide while gaming.

Could you use it as a streaming window perhaps with no need of another monitor? Tell us how you'd like to use it below.

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