Rainbow Six: Siege

We now have our grand finalists for the Six Invitational

Four teams came into today's competition and two came out.

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The Six Invitational competition for Rainbow Six: Siege has just had its penultimate day in Montreal, which included both semi finals to decide who would be in Sunday's grand final, and among the action there was plenty to talk about, especially considering the fact that some of the best teams in the world were fighting for a spot, including reigning Six Invitational champions Evil Geniuses.

Before all that went down though the fans in Montreal were treated to a show match between Team Brazil and Chinese Siege team uL Gaming. If you didn't know, uL Gaming are the first Chinese team to compete in a competition for the game, but they unfortunately couldn't make it a dream debut, as the vast experience of the Brazilians meant it was a convincing win for them. Either way, it warmed up the crowd for what was to come, and got the arena ready for the action.

The first semi final of the day saw EU giants Penta Sports take on Black Dragons, a team that were actually finalists at the Rainbow Six Pro League tournament finals in Brazil back in November. Having beaten Penta Sports to get to the final back then, Black Dragons must have had a level of confidence going into the match, but Penta came out fighting, taking the first map 5-2 to make it 1-0 in the set, a defeat that Black Dragons couldn't rally from, losing again to the EU side to exit the competition and send their rivals to the finals.

After that two NA teams Rogue and Evil Geniuses fought it out for the opportunity to face Penta in tomorrow's final, and Evil Geniuses got off to a very shaky start, losing to Rogue in the first map and staring defeat in the face. After a very strong opening to the second map, Evil Geniuses again slipped up and allowed Rogue to come back and push the map into overtime, but EG made sure that they made it 1-1 in the set to push it to a third map. Here though EG looked far more convincing, and made sure that they won their spot at defending the Six Invitational title in the final by sending Rogue out of the competition.

With an NA vs EU final we've got a lot of anticipation for tomorrow's match, as the reigning champions will take on possibly the best team in the world right now for the highest stakes, so be sure to check back with Gamereactor for more coverage. Were you expecting this to be the final?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: ESL

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