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League of Legends

We now know venues for big League of Legends esports events

Including Worlds, MSI, and Rift Rivals.

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The major esports events in League of Legends are some of the biggest in the world, and now we know courtesy of developer Riot Games where these will all be held, including the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), World Championship, Rift Rivals, and the All-Star event, so there's plenty to pay attention to, especially if you're a European fan.

We mention Europe because this is the first year Europe will host the MSI, as play-in and group stages of the competition will be held between May 3 and 15 in the revamped EU League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) studio in Berlin, before playoffs move to Zenith Paris - La Villette between May 18 and 20. This is relatively soon, but don't fear, as tickets will go on sale with the next few weeks.

Between July 2 and 8 there are five global Rift Rivals events taking place as well, seeing nations compete against one another for supremacy, the list of which you can see below (which precise venues and dates to be confirmed):

  • North America vs Europe - hosted in USA

  • China vs Korea vs LMS (Taiwan's League Master Series) - hosted in China

  • Brazil vs LATAM North (Latin America North) vs LATAM South - hosted in Brazil

  • Oceania vs Southeast Asia vs Japan - hosted in Australia

  • Vietnam vs Russia vs Turkey - hosted in Vietnam

There's also the All-Star Event to close the year off as well, which we know will be running between December 3 and 9 in North America. That's pretty much all we know so far, but it means that this will be the second year in a row in NA after last year's competition in Los Angeles.

The biggest competition of the lot is the World Championship, or Worlds, and this year will see South Korea host the whole event. There'll be multiple cities and venues involved in the 24-team competition, but as for specific details on timings, we don't have anything like that yet.

Which of these events are you most hyped for?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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