We take a closer look at the Nubia Alpha wearable phone

It sports an ultra-wide flexible screen and will retail in Q3 2019 in either Bluetooth or eSIM versions.

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Foldable phones and 5G were two of the buzzwords at Mobile World Congress 2019, and in terms of the former, Nubia unveiled their unique vision for flexible screens: the Nubia Alpha, a wearable phone. We see the unit as a hybrid between a smartwatch and a wrist-mounted smartphone, and eager to learn more we paid Nubia's booth a visit, where Hyunsung Lee provided us with the following live demo:

During the demonstration, some features of the Nubia were explained, such as its gesture-controlled navigation system or how the 4-inch flexible screen wraps around the wristband. It's camera can take ultra-wide pictures, and the unit also includes your typical smartwatch health and body apps.

We also wondered about how you call your friends with the device, and Lee tells us that they plan to release Nubia Pods via a partner together with the Alpha, so you don't need to go all Knight Rider if you don't want to.

Next month the Nubia Alpha will release in China and worldwide, but the latter will get the Bluetooth version, which naturally requires pairing with a smartphone. However, Nubia plans to release the eSIM version of the device globally in the summer, depending on service providers, and that model can operate as a standalone device.

The Nubia Alpha Bluetooth will release for 449 euros (that's around £390), whereas the eSIM model will cost 549 euros (£475). There's also an 18K gold plated stainless strap version, as shown in the video, and that'll cost €649 (about £560).

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