We talk to Keiji Inafune about the upcoming ReCore

Keiji Inafune talks to us about how the game will pull players into its story.

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We recently caught up with industry legend Keiji Inafune who was at the E3 Xbox showcase event revealing Microsoft exclusive ReCore and its first game-play footage.

When you first look at ReCore it may seem like any other third person shooter, but the game offers players a lot more depth with exploration and puzzle solving elements.

For example Inafune mentioned how there are "A variety robots that you can play with that kind of change the way that you solve puzzles or change the way you interact with a certain stage" adding another level of gameplay and variety.


One of the most interesting elements of Comcepts new game is the story, with the main character Joule being stranded alone on a strange world. Inafune had this to say about ReCore's story;

"Part of what the player must do is kind of solve the mystery of why she's the only human on this planet and why there are certain robots that help her and why there are certain robots that are against her, so it's really kind of a very discovering process that people have to deal with with a lot of mystery elements to it as well".

ReCore is being produced by two well respected game Japanese game developers, having worked on some prestigious titles in the past. Inafune discussed how the Comcept team largely focussed on the story and elements regarding the narrative. whereas the Metroid prime team "focussed heavily on the mechanics as well as sort of the system, development, kind of the things that go in the back end that make sure the game is tuned, the game is developed and very balanced".

He went on to say how "putting these 2 element together really created a unique and healthy synergy between our two organisations" and has created a game that is essentially the best of both worlds, with one team focussing on gameplay whilst the other concerned itself only with the story.

We also asked if the team intended to take advantage of the new Xbox S or even Project Scorpio hardware to which he assured fans that "there would be no difference between systems" as although they are all compatible with each other, he wanted everyone to have access to it and get the full experience.

When it came to describing the best feature of ReCore Inafune said;

"It's not simply playing the game, it's not simply about enjoying the mechanics, it's about feeling that emotional tug that you get when you are immersed inside our world"

ReCore is set to release on Xbox and Windows 10 on September 13th 2016.


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