We talk to Night School about drinking with the Devil in Afterparty

Sean Krankel and Adam Hines joined us during GDC19 to talk about the studio's follow-up to Oxenfree.

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After entertaining lots of people with its last game, Oxenfree, Night School Studios is back with Afterparty, a devilish drinking game where players have to "outdrink different lost souls and demons to earn [their] way to Satan."

At least, that's how game director Adam Hines described the title to us at GDC when we spoke to him and studio director Sean Krankel about their next adventure. Part of the reason why the studio decided to go with the drunk-in-Hell theme was to create a simpler, more accessible experience than the one they offered with the last game.

"In the case of Oxenfree, it's a game that takes sort of a while to explain what it is to somebody. But this, we were like 'how about a game where you party your way out of hell?' Pretty straight forward," Krankel told us in San Francisco.


Slamming back shots and getting wasted is at the heart of the experience, but we've seen drinking booze appear in countless games before, usually when the effects of imbibing alcohol are negative, often obscuring movement or vision in a way that makes the game harder to play.

That's not the case here as the studio wants to focus on the fun side of getting hammered, with the developers admitting that it was "tough to think of exactly how to make drinking a cool, fun game mechanic."

"Think of it kind of like a Harry Potter potion a bit, but actually booze instead - but it should be amplifying something fun about the experience," Krankel explained later.

Afterparty is heading to PC (Epic), PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, and it's landing sometime in 2019. When it does arrive, it's a day one Game Pass release for Xbox owners. You can find out even more about the game in the full interview below.


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