"We want to make sure everything feels Capy-perfect"

We chat with Capybara Games' Dan Cox about the upcoming adventure Below.

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We sat down with Capybara Games' 3D artist Dan Cox at the [email protected] showcase during GDC to learn more about this gorgeous looking adventure Below that finally has a confirmed release window to its name.

"What we've done that people haven't seen is the other parts that exist far deeper within this world of Below," says Cox of what Capybara has been up to. "So we're still staying quite tight-lipped about those and soon enough people will start being able to see them and seeing what we're making. And all the other areas that we've got we always come to and continue to refine and polish up and make sure that everything feels sort of Capy-perfect. The kind of way that we really just want to make sure everything feels cohessive and really special."

Below is a game where the player won't be told a lot of things outright. You'll need to discover things for yourself. Not just in terms of mechanics, but also in terms of story and you're going to have to interpret the bits of narrative that you encounter. We asked if there even is an explanation for everything or if the clues are as open to interpretation to the development team.

"We do have [an explanation for everything], but it's not a hundred percent prescriptive," reveals Cox. "Even the one that we have still has some space for the details of what that means and what those things can be. Because although we know what it is, what the deeper elements are, there's other details that people may discover that we didn't think about. That we're not worried about. Because in some cases it's not always important for us to know the exact day that certain fictional event happened, but those can be interesting things to figure out and some of them we may know and some of them we may not. Because it wasn't important for what we were exactly trying to say."

We also had to make sure there's no cheap dream explanation.

"No. It's not all a dream. It's real. Or I mean it's a game, but it's real."


Below has been confirmed for release this summer on PC and Xbox One.


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