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Death Stranding

We will be posting an exclusive Hideo Kojima interview on Monday

During Tokyo Game Show 2019 we were invited to Kojima Productions to get more info on Death Stranding

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There have probably been very few games in recent memory with as much hype behind it as the upcoming Death Stranding. Helmed by industry legend Hideo Kojima as his first title with his new company, the gaming world has been dying to see whats next ever since the announcement in 2016. Trailers have been no less than confusing, bizarre, and more than everything, fostering a lot of questions. To answer some of these, Gamereactor has been invited to the office in Shinagawa during Tokyo Game Show to finally have a one-to-one talk on the new Sony exclusive. We can't say much yet, but check back Monday for a wave of info on everything from story to combat and exploration in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding

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