Rain on Your Parade

We're checking out Rain on Your Parade on today's GR Live

Watch us cause some mischief as a cardboard cut-out of a cloud.

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Yesterday, Game Pass received another brand-new release, in the daft indie title Rain on Your Parade. This silly title developed by Unbound Creations sees the players cause mayhem as a cardboard cut-out of a cloud, by flying around town, and well... raining on people. Needless to say, the title seems like a fine way to spend a Friday afternoon, so we're going to be checking it out on today's GR Live.

As per usual, you can catch all of the action at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST at the GR Live homepage, for two hours of chaos and mischief with your host, Ben. If you haven't already seen anything about the title yet either, be sure to take a look at the screenshots below to see what sort of trouble we'll be getting up to.

Rain on Your Parade

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