We're experiencing the mayhem of Huntdown on today's stream

We're getting ready to try Easy Trigger Games' action platformer Huntdown out for today's stream.

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Did you wake up this morning craving some good old-fashioned mayhem? So did we and we thought what better way to make that craving go away than hopping into Easy Trigger Games' retro-inspired action platformer Huntdown?

We're testing the game out on stream today and if you feel like joining you're more than welcome to. Head over to our live page, as per usual, at 3 pm BST (4 pm CEST). Will we see you there?


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REVIEW. Written by Joakim Sjögren

"It's fun from the first to the last, and given the low price tag, we can't imagine a more affordable top tier gaming experience being released this year."

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