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West Of Dead

We're heading West of Dead on today's stream

We're trying out the beta for Upstream Arcade's upcoming stylised cover-shooter West of Dead on today's GR Live stream.

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Developer Upstream Arcade and publisher Raw Fury are still planning to release the stylised cover-shooter West of Dead this "spring" and even though spring is technically moving into summer at this point, we at least have the game's beta to try out - and we're doing just that on today's stream.

The game, which features Ron Perlman (Fallout, Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) as dead protagonist William Mason who resides in Purgatory, trying to get by in a place of pain and suffering, will have players going up against a variety of hellish beings in a fast-paced cover-shooter setting.

Do you want to watch us try the beta out? You are welcome to join us at 4 pm BST (5 pm CEST) via our live page.

West Of Dead

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