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Metroid Dread

We're playing Metroid Dread on today's GR Live

The series' first 2D outing in almost 20 years is finally here.

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After almost 20 long years, Nintendo has finally delivered us a new 2D Metroid with Dread (Samus Returns doesn't count), and thankfully, it's a fantastic one. This brand-new adventure for Samus sees you blast alien lifeforms and navigate your way through the environment using your newly learned powers once more, but it also factors an element of stealth into the mix. Here corrupted robots known as E.M.M.I will stalk you with tracking beams and once you're caught the chance of escape is minimal.

If you're interested in checking out the first two hours of the game, be sure to head over to our GR Live homepage at 15:00 BST/ 16:00 CEST. In the meantime though, you can check out our review for Metroid Dread here.

Metroid Dread

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