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Death's Door

We're reaping souls in Death's Door on today's GR Live

The latest game to be represented by Devolver Digital is shaping up to be a top indie title for 2021.

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We're looking to continue the momentum of this week's GR Live streams by checking out the latest title by Acid Nerve that is being published by Devolver Digital, Death's Door. This action game puts players in the control of a Crow, a soul reaper whose duty it is to claim assigned souls across a variety of different unusual worlds. With dungeon-delving gameplay promised and plenty of dangerous enemies to throw down with, this is one to watch.

We'll be going live at the GR Live homepage at the same time as usual, 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST, where Rebeca will be hosting. If you're looking for an idea as to the sorts of action that will be delivered, check out the launch trailer for the game below.

Death's Door

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