Minecraft Dungeons

We're trying out Minecraft Dungeons on today's stream

Unsheathe your diamond sword, we're going on an adventure through the blocky depths of Minecraft Dungeons to uncover what mysteries lie within.

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Mojang released its Minecraft spin-off action-RPG Minecraft Dungeons yesterday and we're hopping straight into the game, sword in hand, to find out what lurks in the shadows of the blocky dungeon depths on today's GR Live stream.

Do you want to explore the Minecraft Dungeons with us? You can do just that by clicking this link to go to our live page at 3 pm BST (4 pm CEST).

Minecraft Dungeons

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Minecraft Dungeons

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"Mojang's new dungeon crawler is a nice surprise, and you shouldn't let the word "Minecraft" in the title fool you either."

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