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Football Manager 2012

What if van Persie joins...

FourFourTwo simulates with FM.

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With less than a month to go until the start of the Premiership and silly season kicking in to full gear, everyone is wondering where Robin van Persie will end up. FourFourTwo took it upon themselves to find out what would serve RVP's interest bests as they simulated seasons with Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Juventus, and Arsenal in Football Manager 2012.

As a member of United he wins both the Premier League and the Champions League, scoring 24 goals. Joining City he ends up second in the Premiership, taking home trophies from Community Shield and the FA Cup, he notched 22 goals but saw himself come on as a substitute rotating with Agüero for much of the season. With Chelsea he also finished second in the league, taking home the FA Cup and the Europa League trophies, scoring 25 goals.

With Juventus he only finished fourth in Serie A, but scored 15 goals in 33 games capturing all the major individual accolades at the end of the season.

As for Arsenal, he wound up getting injured only playing 22 games for 10 goals and finishing fourth in the league.

So as far as trophy ware goes, van Persie would be well advised to join United. But it remains to be seen what happens in real life.

Football Manager 2012

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