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What The Golf?

What the Golf? is landing on Switch next week

The "golf game for people who hate golf", What The Golf, is heading to Nintendo's hybrid console.

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What The Golf? is a lovely and interesting simulation game, and we actually quite like it (you can read our review here). The game was initially released in September 2019 on iOS via Apple Arcade, followed by PC a month later and a Switch release to follow in 2020.

But when exactly? Now the developer Triband finally has the answer for us. The studio just tweeted, "WHAT THE GOLF? is swinging itself directly onto your Nintendo Switch on May 21st!"

Not only that, but it was also revealed that the Switch version "will feature a brand new 2-player couch party mode". If you are interested, you can pre-order the game or check more information from

What The Golf?

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