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Which are Henry Cavill's favourite episodes from the imminent The Witcher Season 2?

Speaking to Gamereactor, Geralt of Rivia himself gives a shout out to Netflix series' cast and crew and highlights the moments with one specific character...

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The Witcher Season 2 will land on Netflix as soon as tomorrow, and when we interviewed main star Henry Cavill the other day at the Spanish premiere in the video below, we wanted to learn about the actor's personal preferences looking back at the eight episodes it consists of.

"It's difficult to pick any one particular episode that would be a favourite", Cavill answers when asked which was the episode he enjoyed shooting the most and/or the one he's looking forward to seeing fans' reaction to. "I would say that any of the episodes I did work with Kim on (Kim Bodnia, Vesemir), we worked very, very hard, and bringing in something that wasn't necessarily on the page - bringing the characters' emotional connection form the [Andrzej Sapkowski's] books. We really wanted to bring that in. And just making sure the character is three-dimension".


But the compliments to the rest of the team don't end there. We wondered if Season 2 is going to be more obscure in tone and grander in scale, telling by the first couple of episodes (and especially "A Grain of Truth").

"It's certainly... the production value has gone up and, as I say, the DoPs (the Directors of photography) have really lit this in a fantastic way", Cavill adds. "And also the production design - Andrew Laws is fantastic and he has really upped his game".

So, as Geralt and Ciri are heading to Kaer Morhen right at the start of the season, it looks like the oldest Witcher will get way more screen time this time around, which ties in nicely with The Nightmare of the Wolf animated movie.

For more about The Witcher Season 2, you can read our review of the first three episodes here and expect the review of the full season to be published very soon at Gamereactor. For more about Henry Cavill and gaming, we also asked him what video game would he like to see turned into a movie or series starring himself.

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