Call of Duty: WWII

Winter Siege event on its way to Call of Duty: WWII

Plus more tweaks and changes coming next week.

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From December 8th (but only for a limited time, apparently) all players will be able to play on a reimagined fan favourite map, Winter Carentan, and it marks the start date for the upcoming Winter Siege event (previously it was only available to those who grabbed the season pass or pre-ordered).

Carentan made its first appearance in the original Call of Duty, and has featured numerous times throughout the franchise due to its popularity. Its most recent appearance in the Call of Duty franchise was in Black Ops 3, where it featured in the map Infection. Players who play online during the event are promised to get in-game rewards for their efforts.

Not only this, all game modes are now Double XP until November 27th, all the more reason to get boots on the ground before the event. After that, Ranked Play will make its way to consoles on December 1st, and will be the first ranked season in the game's competitive cycle.

Updates include map exploit fixes, improvements to the UI and connectivity/party issues have been addressed. Sledgehammer promise they are listening to fans, and have increased the recoil for the BAR, whilst looking to change flinch on all weapon primaries.

As an aside, if you haven't booted up the game recently, loot boxes have finally arrived. Yay.


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