Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein: The Board Game has officially been funded

A Wolfenstein tabletop game is being carefully crafted by Archon Studio and after a day on Kickstarter, the project has surpassed its funding goal sevenfold.

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Killing Nazis is always a hoot as we've been taught by playing the grand Wolfenstein series on PC and consoles, and it seems as though that very fun could be making its way to tabletops around the world soon. Archon Studio launched its crowdfunding campaign for the ambitious Wolfenstein: The Boardgame and plenty of people around the world were so excited for the game to become a reality that the goal was surpassed sevenfold in a single day.

The game will be live on Kickstarter until April 28 and if you wish to back the game you can do so here - there are plenty of cool stretch goals to be met. Even if those goals are not met (the ones that have yet to be met already, that is) there's plenty of content in the base version such as a ton of miniatures, 180+ cards, 16 map tiles (with double-sided artwork) and more.

As for Austrian and German audiences, however, under the "Shipping and availability in Germany and Austria" tab in the FAQ menu, Archon Studio states; "Please note that we will not be shipping this game to Germany due to legal advice received in relation to the regulation of the toy market in both these countries." and some backer tier rewards will not be shipped to Austria, so keep this in mind if you're in one of the affected countries.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

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