World in Conflict

World in Conflict servers to shut down in October

Massive's Cold War gone hot RTS sees the end of its online multiplayer.

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World in Conflict originally launched on PC back in 2007 when Massive Entertainment were still owned by Vivendi. As the expansion rolled out in 2009 they were owned by Ubisoft and these day they are hard at work on the upcoming action-MMO The Division.

World in Conflict, a graphical showpiece at its time (it still looks pretty neat to be perfectly honest), found success in some parts of the world and was playable online via Massgate (the Soviet Assault mp content was available free to all World in Conflict players ensuring the playerbase wasn't split).

But as is often the case with older online titles played on outdated platforms the end has come for World in Conflict's online multiplayer (via the official Facebook page of Ubisoft Massive:

"All great things must come to an end, and it is with sadness that we inform our World in Conflict fans that all online services for World in Conflict will be shut-down as of October 6. This includes Massgate, the game servers and forums. It was a very difficult decision to make but for several reasons it is no longer possible to keep the services running. You will still be able to play campaign mode and LAN multiplayer games though.

We are forever grateful for the dedication and love our WiC fans have shown over the eight years since release. Thank you!"

World in Conflict

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