World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy won't get 1.02 patch until 2017

There's no Western release date as of yet though.

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World of Final Fantasy is a beautiful and cute RPG (click here for our review) that released at the end of October on PlayStation systems, and now Square Enix has officially announced that its update Patch 1.02 won't be available until as late as January 12 in Japan.

The patch adds a welcome fix for new PS4 Pro users, a Theatre Mode for you to replay cutscenes, and some other improvements. There's no date yet for a Western version of the patch, but it shouldn't be far off. Coincidentally, the patch releases in Japan along the launch of the character Sora.

Here's full notes as translated by FFnet:

Patch 1.02, which will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable WOFF experience, will go on release on Thursday 12th January 2017.

- Theatre Mode added to Title Menu
You will be able to rewatch cutscenes you saw in-game at anytime in Theatre Mode.

- PS Vita Voice Data Download Guide added
A DLC check will be performed when you choose 'from the beginning' or 'continue'.
If you haven't downloaded the voice DLC, a message will be displayed before the game begins.

- Notification for Executing Gimme Golem added
A message will be displayed when the conditions for executing a Mysterious Switch have been fulfilled.

- Notice explaining how to receive reward for clearing "Vestiges of Life" added
Upon clearing 'Vestiges of Life', a hint message will now be displayed.
*If you have already cleared it but haven't received the reward, the hint message will appear at Sylver Park.

- Fixed Compatibility with PS4 Pro
Fixed a bug where the screen would blur when connected to a 2K monitor.

Other: bug fixes


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