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World of Tanks Console gets biggest update ever

Wargaming is also welcoming Rambo, Snake and Colonel James Braddock to the title.

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Wargaming has announced that World of Tanks Console is receiving its biggest update ever today, marking the launch of season three of the title, as well as its venture to new-gen consoles. The massive update is set to overhaul the current game, upgrading the graphics and changing the tank and UI experience, which all together will improve visibility, increase level of detail, lighting and textures to make World of Tanks Console look and play better than ever before.

Season three will also bring some iconic 80s characters to the game, as John Rambo, Snake Plissken and Colonel James Braddock look to bring the pain. These three characters will be part of the new season looking to offer exclusive Tanks and Hero skins to be able to flaunt your more retro style.

"The team and I are so excited to bring tankers our newest and biggest update ever!" said TJ Wagner, Creative Director on World of Tanks Console. "Utilising our custom console engine, Despair, with latest console hardware generation support will revolutionise World of Tanks Console, bringing evolved aesthetics and visual improvements to the game - as well as an updated HUD, vehicle management system and much more! We have also completely revamped the UI - advancing how players interact with the title."

For more information on the update, which features plenty to digest, head over to World of Tanks Console's website over here.

World of Tanks
World of TanksWorld of Tanks

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