World of Warcraft: Classic

World of Warcraft player hits level 120 by picking flowers

It takes time to hit the level cap while also staying neutral.

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World of Warcraft players will know just how much work goes into hitting the level cap in Blizzard's enduring MMORPG, but the toil of hitting level 120 is nothing compared to the challenge of doing it without violence.

And so when "DoubleagentMannoroth" was given the choice of Horde or Alliance, they duly decided to go another way and play it neutral, and thereafter they spent a whopping 77 days picking flowers in order to reach level 120.

DoubleagentMannoroth naturally chose to play as a Pandaren since they are the only race that starts neutral in terms of players having to chose what faction to fight for. That being the case, instead of picking a side they decided to go pick some flowers instead. Awwww.

The peaceful (and extremely dedicated) player took to Twitter to reveal their achievement: "My First Level 120 Neutral! Eagerly waiting for the new expansion, bring it on!"

We've heard of non-lethal playthroughs in stealth games and the like before, but never in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft before.

World of Warcraft: Classic

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