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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Wuskin signed to the London Call of Duty franchised team

ReKTGlobal's squad has already started building, and it's a British player joining the roster.

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We've just recently reported that ReKTGlobal has secured the London spot in the franchised Call of Duty league that's on the way, and now they've announced their first signing on Twitter, this being Bradley 'Wuskin' Marshall.

The British player has experience with Team Reciprocity, Fnatic, Unilad Esports, and Team 3G since 2016, and is also the brother of fellow professional Matthew 'Skrapz' Marshall.

"Wuskin is one of the best Assault Rifle players on the scene. We hope Bradley's hardworking and individual skill will help put the team on the place where we expect to be," the tweet reads.

Is this a good signing?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Photo: MLG

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