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Halo Infinite

Xbox event rumoured to not take place in early July

According to an insider, the planned Xbox event, at which we'll finally see what the next generation holds, won't kick off in early July after all.

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Microsoft hasn't exactly been secretive about the Xbox Series X unveiling in July and has promised to show several first-party titles like Halo Infinite. But July has 31 days, exactly when will they show the games?

So far, nothing has been confirmed, but the Windows Central editor Jez Corden is a fairly known insider who has knowledge of Microsoft's doings, and if he is to be believed, we should not expect the event to take place early July. This is what he had to say on this topic on Twitter:

"Don't expect the Xbox event in early July btw"

This is of course in no way a confirmation, but if Corden is right, it could still be about a month until Microsoft is ready.

Halo Infinite

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